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#a417 :: Diffraction foil

April 9, 2009

040909Fifteen years ago today – at 4:49 p.m. on 04/09/94, page I married the love of my life. Tonight, viagra order we drove up to a romantic dinner overlooking Los Angeles, click and exchanged lovely gifts and the sort of bedazzled soliloquies to each other that come only from hearts truly and fully in love with each other.

The gifts were very heavy little objects, about which I’ll say no more here since some things are private.

Instead, I offer you a slice of the sort of cheesy, transitory ephemera that often besots us both, as a sort of consolation prize.

Diffraction foil is wonderful – a portable rainbow, a shiny, glittery bit of … nothing … that makes us both insanely happy.

But I will share with you an excerpt from something I wrote for her:

A long, long, long time ago, I fell in love.

She was making the rounds at her party in a snappy white sweater dress, serving green vodka Jell-O shots off a tray.

God, she was hot.

Liquid eyes and a mercurial smile, quick wit and a heart that broadcast its passions without reservations or remorse. “This is me. Nobody else,” she said with every gesture and word.

And I fell for her, with all my body, soul and mind.

I’m a lucky, lucky man. ‘Nuff said.

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