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#a429 :: Rotten witch fingers

April 21, 2009

At some point last month, approved my mother-in-law gave my daughter (age 7) a little keyring with a big fob that spelled out “Love” in lurid gold-chromed script. It was schwag from some utterly-too-grownup movie, check as evidenced by the little stamped-metal tag proclaiming the brand. Here’s what ensued the moment I laid eyes on […]

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#a428 :: Undesirable keychain tag

April 20, 2009

What happens when your son has parked a big bottle of water precariously on the top shelf of an open refrigerator door and you unwittingly shut the door, price dosage causing it to plunge to the bottom and snap the shelf straight out of the fridge? You hunt through the shattered plastic shards looking for […]

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#a427 :: Refrigerator shelf shard

April 19, 2009

To someone who uses knives as much as I do, this site this thing is about as useful as Truck Balls. You press it against the side of a sealed CD or DVD, depressing a spring-loaded cap to reveal a tiny steel blade that slices open the shrink-wrap. They were giving them away today at […]

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#a425 :: Gilette Shaving Cream cap

April 17, 2009

This also came home with the kids from their hike – I’ve always liked the unforgivingly ugly shape of seeds. They are meant to be discovered by accident (bite into a delicious fruit, abortion find a nasty, woody chunk of bitterness) and discarded as useless – the better to propagate their kind. This also came […]

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#a420 :: 1-inch hex nut

April 12, 2009

I stumbled across this at Pasadena City College Swap Meet last Sunday. The college seems to be in a constant state of construction, sildenafil and someone ha dropped it in the grass – a missing part for a mystery structure. It put me in mind of this Todd Rundgren song, the lyrics of which go […]

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#a411 Ken Onion “Chive”

April 2, 2009

Put aside for a second how thoroughly doofy Crocs can seem, price here is an entire empire built on two simple facts: a) Americans’ uncanny knack for making, pharm buying and trashing once-used disposable crap and b) our love of cheap customization. You stuff Jibbitz into the holes of your Crocs and declare your individuality […]

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#a410 :: Jibbitz

April 1, 2009

Put aside for a second how thoroughly doofy Crocs can seem, information pills medications here is an entire empire built on two simple facts: a) Americans’ uncanny knack for making, buy buying and trashing once-used disposable crap and b) our love of cheap customization. You stuff Jibbitz into the holes of your Crocs to declare […]

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#a406 :: Eleanor Powell’s taps

March 28, 2009

I’ve been a huge, hospital drooling fan of Jeff Soto but couldn’t afford his work until I spotted this fine fellow I’ve been a huge, price drooling fan of Jeff Soto but couldn’t afford his work until I spotted this fine fellow in a little toy store the other side of the reservoir. Cement, pharm

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#a394 :: Mystery gizmo

March 16, 2009

Every now and then a mystery washes up out of the ceaseless surf of crap inundating this house. What is this? It has the precise curves and clean-milled transparent plastic of an Appleproduct, stuff more about but has a vinyl flap-valve at its center. No one in my family can explain it.

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#a393 :: Used car key

March 15, 2009

In all my years on this blog, more about mind I’ve never unpacked the symbology of a key. It’s almost so perfect a metaphor on its own, that trying to explain a key pretty much dooms you to being accused of mental masturbation. But a car key is profound. It represents a heavy, expensive and […]

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#a366 :: Original copper transmission line – Hoover Dam

February 16, 2009

This is almost the holy grail of heavy little objects: a thing with history, abortion patina, functionality, exciting manufacture and moving parts. Jesus, it made me one happy tool-using ape to find this: a chunk of the original copper electrical transmission line installed during construction of the mighty Hoover Dam. For five bucks you get […]

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#a357 :: Rokenbok ball

February 6, 2009

This looks like an ice core taken from the frozen surface of a lake the size of a desktop. It’s actually chunk of Plexiglas that Dad sliced off of a 3/4-inch-diameter rod he had kicking around somewhere in the basement. He was kind enough to mail it to me along with his This looks like […]

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#a333 :: Saab pulley tensioner bearing

January 12, 2009

It’s always something, mind with a car. We have a long history, viagra approved this car and I, capsule just as I’ve always had long histories with my cars. Spend enough time in a car and you can reach an intimacy rivaling any human friendship: you know their sounds and smells, you sense their weaknesses, […]

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#a326 :: Porcelain doll head

January 5, 2009

He was rendered in porcelain bisque, advice no bigger than the end of my thumb many, advice many decades ago. This angelic countenance stands ready to receive whatever whim, benediction or mad wish a child of 18XX might bestow upon him. If he had a body, it’s gone now. No matter. Capped with glazed curls, […]

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#a319 :: Christmas tag

December 29, 2008

We took down the tree and put away the ornaments today in advance of our trip to SF. This was on a gift from my son, price his idea of a little joke. He’s a geek off the old block.

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#a311 :: Littlest Pet Shop shower cap

December 21, 2008

Naturally, view a party of that size has its aftermath. Among the dead soldiers (easily policed up) and the bowls of dip that threaten to go off the minute you put them into the fridge, page you get an explosion of toys everywhere. Littlest Pet Shop creatures and accessories littered the floor, including a hand-stitched […]

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#a309 :: Lug nut

December 19, 2008

I’ve been cleaning the office. We’re having a party. I found this.

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#a306 :: Christmas tree bulb

December 16, 2008

In the course of bedecking the sacrificial conifer with lights and baubles, site stuff gets broken. We destroyed three glass balls this evening – fortunately none of them hand-made nor “special.” This was the other casualty – my son went to pull a light from the string to attach a lighted ornament (a Star Trek […]

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#a301 :: 1960 K+E Leroy scriber

December 12, 2008

A more mellifluous blend of ash-blue plastic and polished aluminum, symptoms nor a stranger device, order I have never seen. The tool holds a small ink reservoir at the end of a complex/adjustable curve of metal. One of the handrests is missing, which is probably why it turned up in a junk shop en route […]

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#a280 :: Copper pipe fitting

November 20, 2008

This has been skittering around the floor of our back hallway for a while, rx about it a relic of the unpleasant shower-valve failure incident. Copper is the lushest metal color, more wonderful than gold.

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#a275 :: Robotic hand

November 15, 2008

“Dad, information pills check it out. I made a robotic hand.”

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#a274 :: Electronic shriek box

November 14, 2008

A simple soundboard, cheapest wired to a switch and a speaker. I disemboweled it from (?) an 8×11 promo folder for “Scream 2008” that landed in my wife’s office. When you opened the cover of the folder, see a horrific shriek would ensue: “AUUUGHHHAAAAAAAGOODDDDNOOOOO!!!” Soon, I’ll be attaching it to Screaming Tiki so that he […]

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#a260 :: Meteorite!

October 31, 2008

Oh my gawd: Readers of this blog know that I don’t tend to post gushy teenage exclamations like “oh my gawd” that often (as in, page never) But here it is, one of those Heavy Little Objects that really makes you say “oh, my effing gawd: A chunk of bona-fide space rock. But check the […]

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#a259 :: Polly Pocket shoes & handbags

October 30, 2008

Tiny accessories for teensy simulacra, dosage mind these silicone shoelets and bagettes piled up in my daughter’s room until her obsession with Polly Pocket wore off and she tired of them and moved onto a new obsession. At some point, here she got it into her head that she could sell them on eBay. I […]

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#a257 :: Ruined chain links

October 28, 2008

Popped my chain before dawn this morning as I hoisted my bulk up on the pegs today and hammered up this steep little hill. This is what was left after the repair – the first two attempts at which failed because I had threaded the chain incorrectly. Both times. Furthermore, order the XBox 360 flung […]

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