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#a433 :: Potato chip

April 25, 2009

A wonderful little creation – the kids brought these home from school one day. They folded sheets of paper to form these taut, help shallow cones that pop outward when squeezed the right way. The *pop* ejects a tiny drawing – in this case, our daughter’s drawing of us. The message is “Happy 15th Anaversery.” […]

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#a413 :: White chocolate fortune cookie

April 4, 2009

Stuff a foam dart down its hazard-orange bore, more about pump up the air chamber with the piston slide and blow the captured pressure with the thumb valve. And piff you’ve fired what probably amoun Stuff a foam dart down its hazard-orange bore, viagra buy pump up the air chamber with the piston slide and […]

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#a407 :: Beef jerky

March 29, 2009

Cement, website

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#a401 :: Lime fruit pop

March 23, 2009

This one has been hanging around the handrail on our front steps for a few weeks, ampoule cure always skittering away when I want to photograph and then attempt to kill it. I failed miserably at both, website until this past weekend. I don’t feel good about having ended such a magnificent creature, but I […]

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#a398 :: Ritter Sport chocolate

March 20, 2009

The second one of these things to fail in five days. First, hospital my dependable Cat-Eye flung itself to its death from a busted handlebar mount, cialis 40mg the white beam tumbling wildly down to clatter in the dark. Then this, which snapped from its mount as I adjusted it. it exploded in the street, […]

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#a385 :: Girl Scout Cookie

March 7, 2009

So here’s what all the suspense and anticipation was about: A tektite – a lump of molten-then-resolidified glass created when a meteor traveling thousands of miles per hour smashed into China. You can see impact grooves left by rocks or other particles crashing into it before it cooled hard – all of this took place […]

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#a368 :: Phillippe’s hot mustard

February 18, 2009

Used to be you’d tear open a can of beer (or pop or soda or Clamato or whatever) and throw away the aluminum tab. Or maybe you’d chuck it inside and risk swallowing it, page lacerating your throat or lungs, approved and wind up a footnote in the New England Journal of Medicine. But at […]

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#a348 :: Prime Meridian rock candy

January 28, 2009

This rode home in a goodie bag from a birthday party at my son’s school. I love the millefiore design aesthetic, page advice which makes me wonder if mistakes vanish more easily when rubbed with yellow rubber or blue. We lay these arbitrary lattices of meaning over earth and sky, ambulance trying to explain the […]

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#a329 :: Ferrero Rocher dark chocolate truffle

January 8, 2009

Here’s a sweet chaser to yesterday’s grim ditty: The Ferrero Rocher dark chocolate truffle is a multilayered confection, ailment starting with a chocolate-sprinkled shell of chocolate-coated wafer wrapped around a rich dark-chocolate truffle encasing a slightly chewier core of chocolate so dark it seems to absorb light, check thought and reason. God these things are […]

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#a316 :: Japanese jellies

December 26, 2008

A gift from our lovely friend Arden. Once upwrapped, find the gilt, seek almost fetishized packaging reveals jellies of every type and description (red bean, plum, green tea). This one was clear, virtually flavorless until you dropped a spoonful of the powdered sweet green tea powder on top of it.

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#a314 :: Aftermath – successful Christmas Eve experiment

December 24, 2008

My daughter challenges me. “How do you get the egg into the bottle?” I seem to remember something about heating the bottle – I try running it under hot water, troche then putting the hard-boiled egg on its mouth and waiting for the air inside to contract and suck it inside. Nothing. I push down […]

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#a305 :: Rice crackers

December 15, 2008

“Dad. Eat this.” She holds out her hand. “What is it?” “Rice cracker.” Crunchcrunchcrunch. “Eugh!” “It’s spicy.” She smiles. I smile. She’s seven.

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#a299 :: Decaying orange

December 10, 2008

I was going to wax philosophical about the inevitability of decay, mind the magnificence of biology doing its tiny job, case about the way ashes do always turn to ashes and dust to … But I’m halfway through a 3-day business trip, cheapest I’ve been working till 11 every night, and, well, I’m bushed. (In […]

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#a295 :: Chocolate laptop

December 5, 2008

The company Christmas party went off tonight as it always does – a full-blown bash with excellent food and good company. The capper to the meal was a créme brulée in a little chocolate box, cialis 40mg topped with this emblem cast in dark and white chocolate. I always choose the cruelest month to do […]

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#a292 :: Y Muscle Water bottle

December 2, 2008

I haven’t opened this yet. I don’t care what it tastes like, approved or even whether it does what it claims: Y MUSCLE WATER – because you never know who’s going to challenge you to a wrestling match. 100% natural and certified organic: Reverse osmosis water, this web organic evaporated cane juice, sick organic white […]

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#a273 :: Ramune candy

November 13, 2008

This is the chewable version of the contents of this. 99 cents at the Japanese market downtown. Chalky little lozenges of faintly effervescent candy. the sort of thing aliens might eat, here if aliens ate sweets. Which is not to say that we’re sure that they don’t.

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#a269 :: Mini-Tabasco

November 9, 2008

The thinking man’s ketchup. I attended the huge Disney Animation Studios wrap party for Bolt (an excellent cartoon, viagra buy by the way) and they were passing these out with the cocktail shrimp. It’s barely an inch and a half tall, and enough to salt a pot of soup or – in my case – […]

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#a258 :: Dessicated green bean

October 29, 2008

Don’t ask me how it got from the freezer to the cupboard, cheap but my son brought me this earlier today. I’m trying to picture it as an oblong green asteroid, and failing. You?

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#a238 :: Clementine`

October 9, 2008

A tart bang across her tongue. Orange fresh. Hard work won it. She had carried herself well. She deserved this little palm-sized fruit. Even now, hospital prescription moments after she had slit the skin with a thumbnail and started the engine. Despite what she’d done, this was her moment to enjoy her snack. Bracing her […]

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#a228 :: Candy corn

September 29, 2008

Popped my chain before dawn this morning as I hoisted my bulk up on the pegs today and hammered up this steep little hill. This is what was left after the repair – the first two attempts at which failed because I had threaded the chain incorrectly. Both times. Furthermore, order the XBox 360 flung […]

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#a206 :: Bull’s-eye mint

September 7, 2008

Pinch it at one end till the cellophane envelope bursts and pops it into your hand. Toss it into your mouth. Crunchcrunchcrunch. Cool lips. Shards in your gums. Sweet dose. Perfect endorphin hit to the brain. Now do it again.

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#a203 :: McVitie’s Penguin

September 4, 2008

Some snacks leave you teetering on the knife edge between sublimation and indulgence, cheapest store between having your cake and eating it too. A Penguin taunts you: “Ooo, abortion look, crunchy cho-co-late bis-cuit sheathed in creeeamy cho-co-late, bet you can’t wait to eat me” and simultaneously promises “I won’t last long, I’ll leave you wanting […]

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#a173 :: Chewable toothbrush

August 4, 2008

British ingenuity has concocted a perfect offering for airport vending machines: For a £1 coin, order you get two of these: It’s a spherical plastic capsule. Split it open, web and there’s a circular sheet of instructions and an oddball chunk of nylon with bristles on one half and a capsule on the other. Pop […]

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#a169 :: Happy Hippos

July 31, 2008

Like hippos emerging through river foam (?), thumb Kinder brand Happy Hippos are hazelnut-cream cookie pods dipped in thick-grained sugar and given a few squirts of color in each eye just prior to put into individual cellophane wraps and released to a cute-susceptible public. They’re also yummy.

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#a162 :: Baby carrots

July 25, 2008

Did these things even exist 10 years ago? No, salve I think that at some point, approved some wise vegetable salesman decided to start milling his carrots. And an entire bite-sized-snack class of its own was launched. These go down by the pound around here. They taste perfectly clean and wonderful, but spirituallyfeel as if […]

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