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#a430 Spun aluminum pillbox

April 22, 2009

A Halloween candy bowl kept at the back of our cupboard finally (pardon the pun) gave up the ghost. Used to be you would reach into it for a tasty treat, drug and a little infrared sensor triggered an animated rubber witch’s hand to snatch at yours and a voicebox would rasp, thumb “Trick or […]

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#a396 :: Business letter

March 18, 2009

She had set up the square little red worktable on end, cialis 40mg its legs surrounding her as if she were behind a counter. She offered me anything I wanted to eat. I said I’d like some coffee and strawberry cake. She served it in imaginary hunks from a little tin tea set. I pronounced […]

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#a389 :: Amethyst “crystal”

March 11, 2009

Where is he going? What is he carrying? Why is he important? Chinese factory workers so beautifully aped the luster of carved coral with cast, more about prostate burnished and “age”-dusted red plastic resin that I’m left wishing I had the answers to these questions. In lesser hands, healing he would have been a child’s […]

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#a368 :: Phillippe’s hot mustard

February 18, 2009

Used to be you’d tear open a can of beer (or pop or soda or Clamato or whatever) and throw away the aluminum tab. Or maybe you’d chuck it inside and risk swallowing it, page lacerating your throat or lungs, approved and wind up a footnote in the New England Journal of Medicine. But at […]

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#a328 :: Glass syringe

January 7, 2009

She fiddles with it. Finally squeezes a needle onto it. And fixes up. Big fucking horse syringe. Soup spoon full of horse. The snap and heat of the Bic under the spoon brings her to:

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#a323 :: Acorn caps

January 2, 2009

Pixie hats, link lost on the forest floor ‘midst a drunken stumble home one night. Carousing from tree to towering tree, approved they were, look blasted on acorn wine – a giggling, staggering, pissing little chorus line barely six inches high. They were arguing, as usual, and someone took offense, or umbrage, or a poke […]

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#a320 :: Traveling Ganesha

December 30, 2008

He is the lord and destroyer of obstacles and like his brother, buy he came from San Francisco – indeed from another shop in the same block on Columbus Avenue. He is brass, ampoule barely 1.25 inches high, carrying his teapot and parasol on the road from here to there. He smiles benevolently, secure in […]

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#a283 :: Million-dollar bill bible tract

November 22, 2008

This fine object puts the specie in specious: Someone at the Christian organization worked very, information pills very hard on this piece of counterfeit. The four-color printing and gravure work are fine anough to pass the “holy, shit, WTF is that” moment after you’ve picked it up and still can’t believe it’s not money […]

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#a274 :: Electronic shriek box

November 14, 2008

A simple soundboard, cheapest wired to a switch and a speaker. I disemboweled it from (?) an 8×11 promo folder for “Scream 2008” that landed in my wife’s office. When you opened the cover of the folder, see a horrific shriek would ensue: “AUUUGHHHAAAAAAAGOODDDDNOOOOO!!!” Soon, I’ll be attaching it to Screaming Tiki so that he […]

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#a260 :: Meteorite!

October 31, 2008

Oh my gawd: Readers of this blog know that I don’t tend to post gushy teenage exclamations like “oh my gawd” that often (as in, page never) But here it is, one of those Heavy Little Objects that really makes you say “oh, my effing gawd: A chunk of bona-fide space rock. But check the […]

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#a238 :: Clementine`

October 9, 2008

A tart bang across her tongue. Orange fresh. Hard work won it. She had carried herself well. She deserved this little palm-sized fruit. Even now, hospital prescription moments after she had slit the skin with a thumbnail and started the engine. Despite what she’d done, this was her moment to enjoy her snack. Bracing her […]

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#a225 :: House of Commons hip flask

September 26, 2008

Just a nip. He wondered – as he idly did in these customary moments when he stole a drink just after lunch in the House of Lords dining room, doctor between a trip to the loo and the afternoon session – whether the cameras would see him. Surely they did. London was positively filthy with […]

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#a144 :: Rosary

July 7, 2008

Another Tuesday, story another morning with little Kylie, site the niña pequeña she cared for three days a week. She trudged uphill once more, the rosary draped over her fingers. “Nomini patri et fili et spiritu sancto,” the sign of the cross trailing from her lips as she kissed the little madonna milagro and worried […]

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#a90 :: Pull tab

May 13, 2008

“Hold him, order Teck, approved I wanna piss on him.” Boomer loomed over the prostrate sophomore and began unbuckling his pants. Kyle looked up – as much as Teck’s kung-fu grip on his neck would allow, at least – sighed, and resumed staring inches away at the defocused glitter of burst Lowenbrau bottles and Molson […]

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#a68 :: Wrist Rocket

April 21, 2008

The year that she spent chained to the crown of a 400-year-old sequoia was perhaps one of her shortest. The winter was mercifully mild. The fire season breathlessly exciting but 3 miles away and short. And the weekly trysts with her strapping support team leader in an elaborate system of web belts and pulleys they […]

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#a61 :: Artist’s hand model

April 14, 2008

It was the first thing she had put out on the thrashed card table at the group yard sale. She had meant it that way, erectile a break from the failed career, from the crushed dream, from the gorgeous, neurotic, narcissistic jerk who gave it to her. But here it was still: The last thing […]

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#a53 :: Quail call

April 6, 2008

The sound gusted through him just before he staggered back and sat down hard in the marsh grass. A boom – probably a 12-gauge – arrived milliseconds after the shot caught him full in the chest and knocked him onto his heels. Funny, this site the delay. Kind of funny how that works. Who in […]

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#a37 :: Urchin

March 21, 2008

The alarm whirred her up from a dead, erectile dreamless, this web liquid-black sleep. Solo Salvage. Fuck. She was supposed to be an interceptor pilot. Not rifling vacked hulks for osmosis pods and pocket jewels. Not jerking awake from cryo every two weeks, hung-over and disoriented, 19 light years from the outer spiral rim of […]

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#a26 :: Jeweler’s loupe

March 10, 2008

“This is shit, stuff dosage Phil.” “Whuh.” “This. It’s shit.” “Wharyuh tawkinboutshit. ShitWHUH. WHUAH shih.” “Phil, price you brought me a 1962 quarter for Chrissakes. It’s shit.” “THASSNODDUH QUARH MIKUHLLL, SSSA SSSSILVERR DOLLLLR YUH CHEEEDN’ FUKKHN’ GUINEA!!!” Phil undulated a little in the breeze from the door, which alternately freshened the shop and polluted it […]

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#a14 :: Tingsha cymbals

February 27, 2008

Clutching the thick domes of bronze, hospital he waited. Not to strike yet. No, not yet. These were a gift. To be saved. To be waited for. Until it’s time. Memories of his long ride down boiled up now. He exhaled hard through pursed lips, and shook himself. He blew a hard, rattling raspberry, and […]

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#a8 :: Rubber germ

February 21, 2008

Work at the SETI lab – and every other acronymed institution from DARPA to the headquarters of the NRA – had run at a breakneck clip since first contact. Nothing galvanizes an entire race like a blanket signal transmitted to every single computer, information pills television and data-display display device on the planet, page carrying […]

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#355 :: Seltzer Bottle

February 4, 2005

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#335 :: Wallpaper Print Block

January 10, 2005

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