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#a432 :: Message launcher

April 24, 2009

A little bit of rococo molding around a glass capsule half full of air. A tool for sensing the approximate direction of the center of the earth. A gen-yoo-wine aahhhrrr-teeeeeefaaaaaaaact. A wonderful little creation – the kids brought these home from school one day. They folded sheets of paper to form these taut, more about […]

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#a421 :: Paper sculpture

April 13, 2009

I delight in finding the delight my children find in simple acts of creation. Paper is an adventure. Fold it and make a city, check ask a castle, buy more about a world. A couple of these things have been floating around the house this week. I have no idea what they are. All I […]

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#a405 :: Qee by Jeff Soto

March 27, 2009

This thing came from this box. What the hell should be done with it? A little tableau? A photo cube? Hood ornament for an art car? C’mon, sildenafil folks. The mighty packaging industry worked mighty hard to conjure this up just to hold a toy on store shelves until sale. It doesn’t appear to be […]

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#a403 :: Wooden puzzle

March 25, 2009

Since my wife is a member of ASIFA we got passes to a pre-release screening of Monsters vs. Aliens tonight. Verdict: It’s no Kung Fu Panda or Bolt, no rx visit web but it’s got enough yuks and snappy design to make an honest buck, approved and I might even see it again. They were […]

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#a392 :: Old Rohrshach pin

March 14, 2009

I have a thing for magnets. These are powerful enough to leave blood blisters if you more than one of them snap together on you. A single one can support close to 10 pounds, treat and depending on how you rig it. And when you place a href=”″>pinballs around one the magnetism distributes evenly through […]

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#a390 :: Skullpture

March 12, 2009

My good friend Yaron built this out of some stuff he had lying around the shop and what I’m guessing is a deer skull. I love the way the metal shavings (springs?) he mounted the socket on echo the sutures between the bone plates. Write your own microfiction for it below in the comments – […]

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#a380 :: Brass dingus

March 2, 2009

I should be smarter. I should be able to classify and categorize based on Google findings if nothing else. But this one eludes me. Dad sent it along, troche symptoms and it seems to be machine-turned brass from India – maybe even with spiritual or religious symbolic significance. But I’ll be damned if I can […]

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#a379 :: Las Vegas tiki culture artifact

March 1, 2009

Before the age of fluorocarbons and exotic esthers, link a man used to scrub his bar of shaving soap into a lather with one of these, daub it on his face and shave. I gave this to Dad for Christmas a few years ago, and he sent it along last month in a boxful of […]

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#a373 :: Snowshoe hare

February 23, 2009

I think we forget how to see. We’re so absorbed with processing most of the time that we fail to register the weight of anything in front of us. “Oh, information pills shop there’s a car.” Not, site “if I could have an exploded-view version of that floating around, I’d really have something.” This was […]

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#a372 :: Kaleidoscope

February 22, 2009

This is meta: I usually shoot objects while looking through these. If I flip the metaphor, side effects is there a little me down there on the stand running around behind the lenses with a camera, shooting up? Even computer bl This is meta: I usually shoot objects while looking through these. If I flip […]

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#a363 :: Bronze and stone sculpture

February 13, 2009

A leopard, viagra savaging a prone man. The man’s head has snapped off the sculpture, information pills which makes it extra-poignant. I love the way this is rendered, his spots suggested by little rings of bronze, his tail curled down between the man’s legs and shoulders hunched in a pose of Darwinian dominance. Fitting, for […]

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#a362 :: Leopard’s victim

February 12, 2009

A leopard, viagra savaging a prone man. The man’s head has snapped off the sculpture, information pills which makes it extra-poignant. I love the way this is rendered, his spots suggested by little rings of bronze, his tail curled down between the man’s legs and shoulders hunched in a pose of Darwinian dominance. Fitting, for […]

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#a355 :: Paper whale box

February 4, 2009

A cunning little paper box limned with cetaceans – cheerful dolphins, page medicine a playful sperm whale, ampoule a … what could possible be the apt adjective for a narwhal? From the previously mentioned collection of Dad.

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#a329 :: Ferrero Rocher dark chocolate truffle

January 8, 2009

Here’s a sweet chaser to yesterday’s grim ditty: The Ferrero Rocher dark chocolate truffle is a multilayered confection, ailment starting with a chocolate-sprinkled shell of chocolate-coated wafer wrapped around a rich dark-chocolate truffle encasing a slightly chewier core of chocolate so dark it seems to absorb light, check thought and reason. God these things are […]

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#a324 :: Fuse-Bead eyeball

January 3, 2009

My son shambles in, diagnosis decease his hand covering his brow. “Dad, I hate to tell you this, but I’ve got a terrible case of pinkeye.” “What??? Oh, no. C’mere, let me see.” He turns and I see this fantastic Fuse-bead concoction clapped to his face. It’s still warm, fresh from the iron. I’m doubly […]

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#a310 :: Blown glass Indian chief

December 20, 2008

We decorated the tree a couple days ago, there and tonight we threw a massive Christmas party – I spent most of the day cooking ribs (27 racks) and gumbo (probably six or eight gallons) for 100 good friends, web colleagues and family. It was a swell time. At the height of it, diagnosis a […]

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#a304 :: Agitprop

December 14, 2008

Even with the massive combined forces of a wronged and angry nation of voters, viagra order a reinvigorated Democratic party machine and some of the savviest campaigning in history buoying him up, hospital Barack Obama’s victory in the 2008 presidential election was hardly the landslide it should have been. The count was 69.4 million to […]

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#a300 :: Homies grilled-corn vendor

December 10, 2008

Little plastic characters from barrio life, check the Homies get as much flak as they get props. They were created by Mexican-American cartoonist David Gonzales, troche who clearly launched the collectible-toy phenomenon (120, patient 000,000+ figurines sold) from a place of respect. Maybe I’m just a stupid white guy, but this vendor’s face and stance […]

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#a298 :: Porcelain numbered sphere

December 8, 2008

To be fair, approved this has pinholes in either end, making its utility as some sort of glorified golfball-sized bead more apparent. But I prefer to ignore the hole, and imagine it as a prop from Her Majesty’s weekly bingo game, held secretly in the rooms beneath Buckingham Palace. It’s made of porcelain and fired […]

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#a283 :: Million-dollar bill bible tract

November 22, 2008

This fine object puts the specie in specious: Someone at the Christian organization worked very, information pills very hard on this piece of counterfeit. The four-color printing and gravure work are fine anough to pass the “holy, shit, WTF is that” moment after you’ve picked it up and still can’t believe it’s not money […]

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#a281 :: Cupcake topper

November 21, 2008

More than 500 million human beings live in absolute poverty. Right now. Their lot is not changing. More than 15 million children die of hunger every year. Starve. To. Death. How many children is that? Numbers are pretty meaningless when you’re talking about entire nations of people, try but do some math: Remember the faces […]

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#a279 :: “supersurfaces”

November 19, 2008

This gem of an art book covers the crafting of complex 3-D figures from 2D materials using little but scissors. For some insane reason, see the sole available copy on Amazon is going for $212.91. I found a copy in the Hayward Gallery last summer for about 8% of that amount. And no, you cannot […]

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#a275 :: Robotic hand

November 15, 2008

“Dad, information pills check it out. I made a robotic hand.”

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#a271 :: Silver Navajo bracelet

November 11, 2008

When we were still a-courting, illness she and I drove 2, tadalafil 200 miles around the American southwest in a rented convertible in the space of a week. We slept beneath the stars and in seedy motels. We lolled in the open ragtop beneath towering mesas in Monument Valley, order and muggy midnight at Four […]

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#a266 :: Yarn dolls

November 6, 2008

(A guest post by my 9-year-old son) Dolls made out of yarn with wire armature and very small marbles for eyes. Kind of like voodoo dolls, link if you think about it. The types of figures: a zombie, a burgular, a devil,a spider, and a guy with some wierd hairdo. They’re not bendable or flexable, […]

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