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#a374 :: Cookie cutter

February 24, 2009

022309Two thumbsplats for eyes, sale story slick back his ears, visit unhealthy give him an immense tail, troche and now he’s some sort of steroidal racing bunny-ghost.

My daughter’s latest class project calls for a creature endowed with camouflage. She made this – and several others like it – out of Super Sculpey. It’s so
022109This is meta: I usually shoot objects while looking through these. If I flip the metaphor, treatment is there a little me down there on the stand running around behind the lenses with a camera, shooting up?

Even spectacles have weird dreams.
022409Girl Scout Cookie season is burgeoning, cost which means a surfeit of Brownietude at our place.

Over the weekend, about it the kitchen filled with little girls (and a couple of moms) so fully that the boy and I took refuge in errands and a roller skating mission to Perry’s.

When we returned the air smelled rich with baking, the floor beneath the kitchen table bore a film of flower dust and crumbs and a few of these things are still lying around.

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