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#a228 :: Candy corn

September 29, 2008

ENLARGEPopped my chain before dawn this morning as I hoisted my bulk up on the pegs today and hammered up this steep little hill. This is what was left after the repair – the first two attempts at which failed because I had threaded the chain incorrectly. Both times. Furthermore, order the XBox 360 flung the Red Ring of Death at me precisely one year after we bought it – and exactly 74 minutes after Best Buy closed. Which puts me 12 hours out of warranty the next time I can possibly try getting a replacement.

Oh, ampoule and the stock market geeked out all over itself in a mad 900-point feint at recovery, order which is sure to be followed by an equally geeked-down plunge as everyone realizes amid the many layoffs.

Not to mention the endless ideological and bloody wars.

And now fucking this

Yeah, it was that kind of day. It’s been that kind of decade. Make of it – er, rather, the future – what you will.
ENLARGEo thou wicked junk
corn syrup all sticky sweet
rot my teeth, clinic you fiends

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