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What to do with $175,000 in weed found in your back yard

December 5, 2012

Whoops – original post on Chris Matthews interview of “birther” G. Gordon Liddy is right here. (My apologies to Twitterfolk misdirected here by a bad link I provided) I am standing chest-deep in a dank, muddy concrete-lined hole in Silver Lake, staring eye-level into a duffel bag full of high-grade drugs. It smells strongly of […]

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#a429 :: Rotten witch fingers

April 21, 2009

At some point last month, approved my mother-in-law gave my daughter (age 7) a little keyring with a big fob that spelled out “Love” in lurid gold-chromed script. It was schwag from some utterly-too-grownup movie, check as evidenced by the little stamped-metal tag proclaiming the brand. Here’s what ensued the moment I laid eyes on […]

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