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#a16 :: Trashed laptop hard drive

February 29, 2008

022908.jpgThis sort of junk just piles up around my office. It’s totally useless, store but just slightly too cool-looking and fun to fiddle with to just huck in the trash.

This cursed little Hitachi ate all my homework one night, search like, cheapest five years ago. So I had it yanked out my Powerbook and replaced lickety-split, and now here it sits.

A dead drive plays with your head …

G’wan – you’re killing time anyway waiting to finish loading up your new box with old software and too-damn-old backup data – fiddle.

Flip it over, tap it on your desk. What can it hurt, it’s broken. Instead of holding a chunk of your life, your life is now holding one more chunk.

How many moments of your existence have hard drive crashes cost you? How many rough drafts, phone numbers, blood-chillingly important projects, unsent love-letters, RAW images, 3-D models, emails, URLs, songs are gone forever?

Too grim to contemplate, right? Oooh, I wonder if I have Torx drivers that small …

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