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#a15 :: Lego micro-figs

February 28, 2008

022808.jpgI came back from my ride this morning to find these parked on my desk.

He’s 8. He’s deeply into building intricate little vessels and vehicles out of bucket after bucketful of tiny little parts from four or five dozen Lego kits. Some of the kits he bought with his allowances, more about built and disassembled. Others we eBayed in bulk right as he started getting into it about four years ago …

On my desk, two models, each described in his wacky cursive on the Post-It left beneath it:



for: dad

6 pieces!


the tripods for: dad

5 pieces!

He had seemed really inspired earlier when I showed him this fantastic contest.

What can I say, he’s 8, and I love him like mad.

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