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#a157 :: One pound Sterling

July 20, 2008

ENLARGEI’m posting, website like this oh (checks watch), this 11 days late. We’ve taken a huge plunge into London, more about and are spending the morning and half the afternoon touring the city every day, then i comeback and work until midnight or 1 a.m.

I’ve been avoiding my chores. I’ve been Twittering. I’ve been shopping irresponsibly (about which more later). And we’ve been intimate with The Tower of London, A little vessel named Pockets the Norfolk Broads, Covent Garden, Windsor Castle, the London Eye, the South Bank, twoshows (both good!), Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s Gallery, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, and ancient Stonehenge.
At some point, I’ll have to edit the 457 photographs (literally) taken so far …

The house swap made all this insanity affordable. That and the fact that I’m not technically on vacation from work. Which is why I haven’t been keeping things up. All of which is a long way ’round to saying that I’ll be getting back to the short, sharp stuff as soon as I catch up. Just know that the dates on the next 10 will be falsified. There’s something symmetrically desirable to keeping HLO a “daily.”

In any case, we’re staying in Dulwich, a cool green slab of warm Georgian brick rowhousery located a consistent and slightly confusing distance from two or three main routes to the center of London. We’re still figuring out the trains, Tube and buses.

We’ve found you really need a lot of pounds to do any of this stuff. They’re worth approx $2 American each. The thick, slabby feel, the engraved edges, the dense, sharp sound they make when dropped (more of a click than a ring, like *JIT*) her Majesty’s reassuring profile.

They seem so solid, for currency that buys so little.

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