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#a47 :: Styrofoam real estate

March 31, 2008

ENLARGELittle punch-out strips of styrofoam, decease imprinted with brick, pharm stucco, tile, wood and glass.

They’re a child’s plaything, a kitsch archetype, a metaphor for the insubstantial fragility of the current real estate market.

So many hopes and dreams, hanging upon such a breakable substance, basically consigned to the four winds upon its manufacture. Build a house. Don’t let it blow away.
They’re also a tiny set for imagined scenes of domestic bliss, nihilistic navel-gazing, inter-species abuse, door-slamming tantrums and rank cuckoldry.

By aping our homes, they are our homes. Oh, the stories these tiny buildings could tell, had they but mouths.

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