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#a377 :: Floss capsule

February 27, 2009

022709My mother once began one of her wonderful short stories with the line, “Harry Farmer loved his teeth.”

If I’ve gotten that wrong, I’m sure she’ll correct me here, as she will remind me of its title and which volume to find it in, and remember with me our many misadventures with our (own, not collective) teeth.

Tooth care is not necessarily a family obsession, but we all have our share of caps, crowns, veneers, amalgam fillings and exploratory filings committed by various dentists over the decades. And while we share a healthy disdain for Novocain and spit cups we also hold a grudging respect for good dentistry.

This lovely little gadget came from the office of the good Dr. John T[name redacted] where I learned earlier this week that I may not need that root canal I’ve been dreading. After he filed down a spot that I had take for a bad root, chewing doesn’t hurt quite so much, and we’re now in wait-and-see mode, downgraded from Defcon Aw Fuck.

In any case, I am reminded by such events to floss my teeth. Which I will now go and do.

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