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#a348 :: Prime Meridian rock candy

January 28, 2009

012709This rode home in a goodie bag from a birthday party at my son’s school.

I love the millefiore design aesthetic, page advice which makes me wonder if mistakes vanish more easily when rubbed with yellow rubber or blue.
012809We lay these arbitrary lattices of meaning over earth and sky, ambulance trying to explain the wonder of existence.

When industry and science began to catch up to the human need to explain who was where exactly when and how far is here from there, we came up with the notion of time, the 24 hour clock and the system of navigation still used today.

For earthly reckoning, it all boils down to what happens with the sun in reference to a hairs-breadth line slicing the planetary map from the north pole to the south: the Prime Meridian.
A visit to the Prime Meridian really puts you in your place.

My wife and I went a’courting once by planting our asses quite literally on the marker at Four Corners at precisely midnight so as to visit four states simultaneously.

That was sixteen years ago. And so, when presented with the opportunity last summer to fuck with space and time, we had to stand with our kids (and the rest of the camera-mugging tourists) straddling the red line at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.

We came away with the sort of awe, respect and sense of mortal insignificance one might feel inside Douglas Adams’ Total Perspective Vortex.

And souvenirs. We came away with souvenirs.

This little confection is the Royal Observatory Gift Shop buyer’s answer to that most traditionally British brand of tooth-rot, the Brighton Rock.

I should have kept a little chunk for my growing HLO collection.

But I had to eat it. Sugar and I have … issues.

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