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#a55 :: Yoda handlebar ornament

April 8, 2008

ENLARGEI’m actually a little proud of this. I built one for everyone in our camp at Burning Man a couple years ago to mount on their handlebars:

I found a box of little “crystal” Yoda figure kits for a quarter apiece at a flea market. I glued each together, link drilled the base out and inserted a high-output Chinese LED.

I then wired the LED with alligator clips, running the wire through holes I drilled in a chunk of yellow-mirrored Plexiglas I had sitting around from a previous Burning Man

Use double-sided adhesive foam tape to attach a 9-volt battery, zip-ties to attach the whole thing to your handlebars, and voila. You have the Force. Made it easier to spot each other – and find our bikes again – in the dark.

Meanwhile, we actually launched this very difficult, very short-deadlined, very high-profile MySpace/American Idol charity project that I architected and managed – on time, to spec, and with no visible bugs. It’s been a good week.

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