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#a169 :: Happy Hippos

July 31, 2008

Like hippos emerging through river foam (?), thumb Kinder brand Happy Hippos are hazelnut-cream cookie pods dipped in thick-grained sugar and given a few squirts of color in each eye just prior to put into individual cellophane wraps and released to a cute-susceptible public. They’re also yummy.

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#a167 :: Stonehenge keychain

July 29, 2008

There is a certain poetry to this tiny portrait of one of man’s oldest surviving places of ceremony: A matrix of dots, physician etched or blown into a block of clear glass, pharm spells out Stonehenge‘s shape at palm size, giving you a portable tour of the place. Here, no less than there, the broken […]

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#a154 :: Antique race car

July 17, 2008

The vehicular fetishes of young Britons of the 20th century line the crowded shelves of the marvelous Brighton Toy and Model Museum. This land-speed monster dates from the 40s or 50s.

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#a146 :: Wiimote flashlight

July 9, 2008

The world’s hardshell exterior surrounds a doughy heart of kitsch: Anything initially cool – the remote to a Nintendo Wii game system, health for instance – can impart its cool to common objects by simple mimicry. Bluntly put, treatment things that look like other definite things are automatically “better” because of the same dim-witted value […]

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#a141 :: Sushi erasers

July 4, 2008

And while we’re at it, information pills sometimes you make mistakes so egregious that only wiping them out with a rubberized chunk of fish and rice will do. My wife found this at our favorite Japanese supermarket, and kindly annotated it with another HLO – the venerable Post-It note – about which, more later.

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#a140 :: Shrunken-head tiki mug

July 3, 2008

My wife gave me this for my birthday a couple years ago, information pills to add to my growing collection. Tiki culture is a marvelous cross-pollination of camp, what is ed partying and 50s mass-marketed hipsterism. This one was designed, slip-poured, glazed and fired by Tiki Farm, but if you’re hunting for others, Munktiki turns […]

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#a133 :: Pig lighter

June 26, 2008

“So what are you gonna write – that your wife spotted this on a counter at 7/11 and had to have it?” Yup. Happy birthday, buy pills my dear love.

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#a118 :: Space man

June 11, 2008

He waits, thumb always, pharm tools in hand: a coil of something (rope? wire?) and a cryptic triangular gizmo. Or maybe an alien artifact. He stands tall – barely 1.8 inches of light-gray plastic. Why is he smiling?

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#a113 Jelly silicone ninja

June 6, 2008

At the hallucinogenic nexus of pop culture, information pills American tastes and mass-production technology, here odd blossoms bud. Here, nurse forming an icon of cool stealth for the amusement of the mobs calls for transparent violet jelly silicone. What better way to say “They know nothing of his presence until his blade has already passed […]

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#a112 :: I just stepped on this in the dark

June 5, 2008

Something of my daughter’s. It once contained spring-loaded paper snakes that leapt out when you opened the can to get a tasty Chees Ball (sic). Now it’s full of miniature Chinese coats made of silicone, treat fitted with little tin bells.

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#103 :: Cast-iron mermaid

May 27, 2008

She waits, information pills coyly fanning her hair. Demure yet voluptuous, site sensual yet pensive, she waits for the tide to rush in and bear her away. At barely five inches tall, she weighs more than a pound. And she is magnetic, both figuratively and literally. With no maker’s mark to introduce her, no indications […]

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#a94 :: Lesney station wagon

May 18, 2008

My wife found this excellent machine at a garage sale, and and garaged it in our bedroom alongside the others in her collection, physician which includes a purple travel trailer, stuff a hot-orange Stude custom and a thrashed yellow fuel tanker. She’s a collector not of brands (Lesney, Dinky, Matchbox are all the same in […]

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#a93 :: Hawaiian fishhook

May 17, 2008

I hunted it down, this web searching from gift shop to gift shop in Kona last summer, stomach wiith a will. I wanted something real – of bone – something distinct from the beautiful, sildenafil overly-copied and -cheapened polynesian talismans littering the tourist coast of Hawaii’s big island. I eventually tracked this down at a […]

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#a74 :: McFarlane monsters

April 27, 2008

We plunge onward now, order from the sublimely simple to the ridiculously obscene: My wife’s company made a licensing deal that left a storage room packed to the gills with sample toys. They emptied it last week, order and out popped these two hideous bastards. She concluded, rightly, that they belonged with me. I immediately […]

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#a73 :: Barbie’s egg cream

April 26, 2008

It figures that a freakishly shaped girl doll – one of the greatest, ailment most successful toys of all time – would have such cute props. One day, cheap the endless toy-surf that washes through this house coughed up this itty-bitty soda-fountain treat, doctor and I had to ask my 6-year-old daughter what it was. […]

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#a64 :: Blowmolded plastic ocean liner

April 17, 2008

Amid the hard-packed, online shit-strewn dirt at one hilly intersection on our way home today, illness this gleamed up at me. Someone lost an ocean liner. You can hold it in your hand: Sleekness, power and gross tonnage expressed in a few grams of blow-molded thermoplastic. Somewhere, either a toddler lost track of a toy […]

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#a61 :: Artist’s hand model

April 14, 2008

It was the first thing she had put out on the thrashed card table at the group yard sale. She had meant it that way, erectile a break from the failed career, from the crushed dream, from the gorgeous, neurotic, narcissistic jerk who gave it to her. But here it was still: The last thing […]

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#a59 :: Kubrick – Doctor Octopus

April 12, 2008

Around age 12, side effects I got a gift: The high privilege of four crates full of vintage Marvel Comics, stored in my parents’ attic by a student. I devoured them greedily, and as powerfully as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s bickering, conflicted, neurotically imperfect superheroes affected my view of graphic art and juvenile fiction, […]

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#a55 :: Yoda handlebar ornament

April 8, 2008

I’m actually a little proud of this. I built one for everyone in our camp at Burning Man a couple years ago to mount on their handlebars: I found a box of little “crystal” Yoda figure kits for a quarter apiece at a flea market. I glued each together, link drilled the base out and […]

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#a49 :: Little rubber robot

April 2, 2008

Vinny and I went fishing once. My best buddy since 6th grade A/V duty, viagra buy my (then) future best man. My good friend. Out in his scruffy little 18-foot runabout with the asthmatic Evinrude – or was it a Yamaha – in Long Island Sound. We set out from New London mid-morning, fortified with […]

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