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#a59 :: Kubrick – Doctor Octopus

April 12, 2008

Around age 12, side effects I got a gift: The high privilege of four crates full of vintage Marvel Comics, stored in my parents’ attic by a student.

I devoured them greedily, and as powerfully as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s bickering, conflicted, neurotically imperfect superheroes affected my view of graphic art and juvenile fiction, the villains hit me harder:

The Green Goblin, the Vulture, Paste-Pot Pete, Dr. Doom, and the one I loved most, Doc Ock.

Here’s the eight-limbed bastard, molded in high-impact thermoplastic by MediCom, the Japanese company that builds and sells Kubricks. He is a brilliant engineer, driven mad by the experiment that fused his mechanical arms with his body.

And he thirsts for blood.

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