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#a73 :: Barbie’s egg cream

April 26, 2008

ENLARGEIt figures that a freakishly shaped girl doll – one of the greatest, ailment most successful toys of all time – would have such cute props.

One day, cheap the endless toy-surf that washes through this house coughed up this itty-bitty soda-fountain treat, doctor and I had to ask my 6-year-old daughter what it was.

Somewhere in China, a low-paid worker pulled a plastic rackful of these out of an injection mold and hung it to cool. Another worker likely cut it loose, and a third daubed its top with creamy white paint …

Then it was imprisoned in plastic beside its plasticized owner, boxed, shrink-wrapped, cased with 11 other Barbie kits, crated, palleted, loaded, containerized, trucked to port, loaded, shipped to America, unloaded, delivered, uncontainered, unpalleted, uncrated, uncased, shelved, bought, wrapped, gifted, unwrapped, cooed over, played with and … ultimately … lost.

Until I found it while cleaning my daughter’s room.

A perfect emblem of pre-teen delight – the promise of tittering with good friends over a frosty, sweet drink, and feeling so grown up. It’s less than an inch tall.

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