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#a72 :: Lost sea tackle

April 25, 2008

ENLARGEThis is the spiritual brother of this.

It floated in off the Sound to the easternmost tip of Long Island, viagra order where I found it on Christmas Eve.

A chill 34-degree wind bathed the pebble beach there. We trudged, store two families, online to the farthest reach, where plovers stood pointed upwind.

We plucked things from the translucent-wet gravel, including this.

Somewhere earlier, a fish probably decomposed straight off of it, weeks after it had burst free from the snare, tearing part of it from the would-be jailer’s rig.

But the fish had escaped only to spend its final hours suspended beneath the mirrored world of air, hanging from a chunk of styrofoam, a hook and a few inches of monofilament, pickling slowly to death in its own growing CO2 levels and hunger.

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