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#a11 :: Micrometer

February 24, 2008

022408.jpgA skosh. A nanometer. A smidgen. A c#nt-hair. A whit.

Measurement of tiny gaps requires something capable of splitting hairs, help dicing degrees into tenths and tenths and tenths again.

This old Brown & Sharpe micrometer is made of precision-milled stainless steel alloy, approved hashed up one side and down the other with notches & numbers. It’s designed to calculate thickness by degrees barely visible to the naked eye.

I’m not a mathematically precise person – I bought this off an antiques dealer for 9 bucks because its heft and knurled handles please me, viagra sale because finding and fiddling with sharp tools is a good and true pursuit.

Because it’s heavy.

Meanwhile, I’ve been fiddling with the lighting for HLO. Last time I ran this blog for a year, we lived in a different place with the perfect tabletop set.

I need to run down some sheet steel and wallboard to duplicate it, but for now, I’ve a black-paper seamless and an Ikea desk lamp.

I knocked the ISO down from 1600 (in the first tests and changed the gray paper out for black. Might need to return to the gray, as it’s a bit more subtle (allows shadows, etc.). But while the lamp is nice and even, it’s a fluorescent, puts a green cast on everything that has to be dialed out in Photoshop and causes my Canon G9’s screen to strobe while I’m shooting.

Precision is good. Next – perhaps an incandescent lamp instead …

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