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#a10 :: Chocolate booze bottles

February 22, 2008


Hollow bottles of semi-sweet chocolate injected with liqueur, find brandy, prescription whisky, troche tequila, cognac from Anthon Berg. These came into our house over Christmas, a generous surprise from friends.

Decisions, decisions: chocolate’s buzz, or alcohol’s melting warmth – or is it vice versa?

Choose your poison – Grand Marnier, you think – and unfoil it. Nip the bottom off with your incisors and tip the brandy in to mix with the luscious chocolate disk you’re chewing. The pressure of your bite bursts a weak mold-seam and brandy oozes over your fingertips …
chocobooze1.jpgNow gobble the rest, let the flavors mingle. What’s next – Jack Daniels, or Sauza? or Drambuie or Galliano?

Loosen another tooth in the box’s foilwrapped grin, and peel.

Is it the chewing or the slurping? The sugar or the hooch?

Likewise, I couldn’t choose which image should dominate – the bottle shapes, 1.5 inches high and wrapped in polychrome foil? Or the spent bottle, empty of booze but for the traces of crystallization glinting off its curves?

Choose another bottle while you try to decide.

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