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#244 :: Stock Car Mint Tin

October 9, 2004

Pop-culture ephemera lives on the broad cusp between usefulness and pointlessness, between necessity and completely disposable trash. We value, purchase and cherish unnecessary items – gimme caps, baseball posters, desktop figurines – based solely upon our affinity for the fantasy world they represent. NASCAR spreads like a pan-species virus through American commerce-culture, mutating to adapt to market needs, and accrete in places that are likely gravity wells for disposable income: convenience stores, smoke shops, supermarket checkouts. These places are vectors for infection – jostling waypoints, where myriad vortexes suck spare change from your pockets, and spare devil-may-care dollars from your wallet. Lou Reed once wrote, “Does anybody really need a $60,000 car?” Does anybody really need a tiny lithographed tin shaped like a stock car and filled with dull-average mints?

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