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#245 :: Rotring “Lava” Trio Pen

October 10, 2004

Back when I was a newspaper reporter, I worked with a pad and a pen – whatever cheesy, throwaway ballpoint was in stock in the newsroom supply closet. The Bic Stic, the Papermate Flair – I’d blow through three or four a month. I would lose them, forget them, chew the caps ragged, and occasionally just write ’em dry. When I moved into online content and quit taking so damn many notes, I splurged once and bought a really ridiculously handsome pen (a Pininfarina-designed spaceship in neon-green anodized aluminum). And because I spent more than 29 cents on it, I hung onto it. Never lost it, rarely dropped it, and many times wrote the cartridge dry. At some point the clip fell off (metal fatigue) and I moved on to something more practical, if no less dramatic-looking. The Rotring Trio lets you select red ink, black ink or .7mm mechanical pencil, depending on which way you hold the barrel while pushing the plunger. I take notes in black, proofread in red, and sketch in graphite (a tiny eraser hides under the cap). I paid a stupid amount of money for it, but it’s the only pen I’ve owned now for almost four years.

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