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#a341 :: Obama campaign pin

January 21, 2009

ENLARGEI never repeat heavy little objects.

I mean, never.

My little daily obsession can be a cruel taskmistress, sometimes commanding me to find something cool to post even when nothing cool has come through my life. But like an idiot samurai, I live and die by a code set in motion long ago and over which I (choose to) have no control.

However, rules are meant to be questioned and this object – like grizzlies in a cloning lab – bears repeating:

No punditry, no anecdotes, no pontification can outweigh, outrun or outlast this fact: We put two decent men into the White House today.

We ended the longest, ugliest domestically-generated reign of terror since the Red Scare of the 50s or, arguably, the Civil War.

And we bought this once-great nation a little extra time, and a chance to become great again, before darkness could swallow us all.

Onward. And upward. Together.

Someone is reminding us how great America can be, because we all know deep in our marrow, how great Americans can be when they embrace their diversity and work together for a common good.

We should listen. And act as one. Because we know it’s better than continuing to destroy each other with words, and the nation with ideological conflict that matters far less than every liberty, right and joy we’ve allowed the past eight years to piss away.

So let’s go.

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