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#A244 :: Obama campaign pin

October 15, 2008

ENLARGETHE U.S. MEDIASPHERE (Oct. 14, website like this post-debate) (HLO) –

Joe the Plumber. Indeed.

Look, this blog isn’t political.

I don’t dump my heart out about the government here. Most days, this stuff is just one more step in my years-long tabletop parade of things.

But please, if you’re thinking of voting for one would-be U.S. president over the other because of the people he associates with, put that shit aside and try to come up with the logical answer – for each candidate – to this far more important question:

Does this guy have a plan for our near future? Or is he just busy shoveling mud?

Because that’s what really matters.

Even if you’re ignoring what tens of millions of people are telling you and saying in public, you need to be honest enough with yourself to answer that question in the form of a vote.

Or haven’t you been watching?

What’s that? You’re fresh out of belief in the System?

Look: Every damn time, your vote counts – even if you don’t fully believe in either candidate, your choice in this is important.

Without your vote, you’re just another chump along for the ride with whichever side has the most people who care.

Get your head together. Go register your ass. VOTE.

(And this thing arrived in the mail today. Yeah, I sent for it. Got a problem with that?)

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