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#a340 :: Potato gun ammo

January 19, 2009

011809I scoffed at these things, mind which used to appear alongside ads for X-ray spectacles, web sea monkeys and GRIT on the backs of Marvel comics when I was a kid.

Potato gun. Hah. My friend Phil has a BB gun that he once used to nail the pillar on a house nearly a block away once, only he managed to shatter the family’s front window … but thats another story.

This appeared in my Christmas stocking last month courtesy of Santa Wife, who knows the buttered side of my bread quite well: Sturdy blowmolded thermoplastic – a simple mechanism made of two parts – a red barrel/trigger assembly mounted tightly to a black receiver with a good, stiff spring.

It shouldn’t work at all, really.

But just shove the muzzle into a raw potato, tearing off a bit of ammo as you withdraw it and you have the power to nail someone30 feet away with a tiny cylinder of potato that leaves the gun with a
011909Here’s the other end of this equation – a fine brown potato, look now pocked with the wounds of a thousand battles … well, this web not really.

This is simply what it looks like when your son swipes your Christmas present and gets crazy with a hapless spud … the potato’s a couple of ounces lighter, there are nasty cylindrical potato-pellets all over the house and you’re both laughing and trading the fun off to shoot each other because it’s such stupid fun.

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