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#a308 :: Urban humus

December 18, 2008

ENLARGEA pocketful of stuff from my morning ride, nurse which takes me up a fire road through Griffith Park to to a little copse of live oak at the top of a big hill.

I hang from the biggest tree by my hands to stretch my spine a bit after the long climb. Then I touch my toes to stretch my hamstrings, and this is what I saw and pocketed this morning to photograph.

Clearly this place is something of a party spot by night.

One morning I arrived to find a huge pentagram carefully laid out with rocks gathered from all over the hill. I kicked it apart, not because I’m necessarily against stupid disaffected tweakers performing rituals they don’t understand, but because fire is usually part of that nonsense, and the last thing we needed is another Griffith Park brush fire.

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