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#a307 :: St. Petersburg Times parking card

December 17, 2008

ENLARGEI began my working life as a newspaper reporter. My second job, ed at the St. Petersburg Times went not too well. I wrote a few good things, pilule but at 24 I was too green and not enterprising enough, stuff so they let me go.

Anyway, it was a big, impressive paper in a big, impressive industry, and I felt I had totally failed.

I eventually made my way back, covering crummy little meetings and court proceedings, doing a little award-winning work at the Philadelphia Inquirer, and found my way to the L.A Times before the industry began to collapse and I bailed into online development about 11 years ago.

This card used to let me into the gated St. Pete Times parking lot, and using it gave me a sense of power, of inclusion and self-respect. When I left, I hucked it into my toolbox, where it’s ridden since 1983.

It is beautiful in its rotten state, and maybe a little triste, considering that 2009 is fast shaping up to be The Year that Newspapers Died.

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