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#a323 :: Acorn caps

January 2, 2009

Pixie hats, lost on the forest floor ‘midst a drunken stumble home one night. Carousing from tree to towering tree, they were, blasted on acorn wine – a giggling, staggering, pissing little chorus line barely six inches high. They were arguing, as usual, and someone took offense, or umbrage, or a poke at someone else […]

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#a309 :: Lug nut

December 19, 2008

I’ve been cleaning the office. We’re having a party. I found this.

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#a308 :: Urban humus

December 18, 2008

A pocketful of stuff from my morning ride, which takes me up a fire road through Griffith Park to to a little copse of live oak at the top of a big hill. I hang from the biggest tree by my hands to stretch my spine a bit after the long climb. Then I touch […]

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#a307 :: St. Petersburg Times parking card

December 17, 2008

I began my working life as a newspaper reporter. My second job, at the St. Petersburg Times went not too well. I wrote a few good things, but at 24 I was too green and not enterprising enough, so they let me go. Anyway, it was a big, impressive paper in a big, impressive industry, […]

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#a306 :: Christmas tree bulb

December 16, 2008

In the course of bedecking the sacrificial conifer with lights and baubles, stuff gets broken. We destroyed three glass balls this evening – fortunately none of them hand-made nor “special.” This was the other casualty – my son went to pull a light from the string to attach a lighted ornament (a Star Trek shuttle […]

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#a303 :: Cactus limb

December 13, 2008

I knocked this off of a fine old fingertip cactus today while gardening. I don’t usually drop the boom mike into the shot, but here’s a good idea of scale for the camera space where HLO lives. Note the fingerprint whorls. Then count the cactus spines.

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#a299 :: Decaying orange

December 10, 2008

I was going to wax philosophical about the inevitability of decay, the magnificence of biology doing its tiny job, about the way ashes do always turn to ashes and dust to … But I’m halfway through a 3-day business trip, I’ve been working till 11 every night, and, well, I’m bushed. (In more ways than […]

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#a293 :: Shoe

December 3, 2008

Dammit. The little fuckers have been partying under my desk again. I’m finding tiny shoes. There are nasty scuff-marks on the wall about an inch off the floor, and wet spots in my shoes. Someone punched a dime-sized hole in the sheetrock, and there’s a one-square-foot patch of the floor reeking of small beer.

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#a289 :: Mystery seed pod 2

November 29, 2008

This is a bit larger than a chicken egg – and completely mysterious. I know of no fruit this size that grows in the brushy hillsides around Los Angeles, yet here is what seems to be its skeleton: the flesh has worn away in rain and mud, leaving a fantastic fibrous mesh enclosing four ovoid […]

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#a288 :: Mystery seed pod

November 28, 2008

We hiked up to Griffith Observatory for Thanksgiving, and collected a few seeds along the way. I’m ignorant to so many worlds, not least being the very wildlands I bike through every week. What is this?

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#a287 :: Acorn

November 27, 2008

This woody little pod reminds me of a vintage Chriscraft speedboat, a rigid, slick, hydrodynamic monocoque of finely grained wood, designed for swift transport. Like the previous object it is also something of a time machine.

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#a286 :: Pine cone

November 26, 2008

This is a building kit for the construction of two to three dozen 120-foot-tall Douglas firs. You will require loamy soil, water and sunlight. Please allow 4 to 6 decades for completion.

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#a282 :: Seed pod

November 22, 2008

It erupts in a fur of orange, from a black pod. The skin is avocado-like. The seed is barely a quarter-inch in diameter. And it mystifies me.

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#a281 :: Cupcake topper

November 21, 2008

More than 500 million human beings live in absolute poverty. Right now. Their lot is not changing. More than 15 million children die of hunger every year. Starve. To. Death. How many children is that? Numbers are pretty meaningless when you’re talking about entire nations of people, but do some math: Remember the faces of […]

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#a280 :: Copper pipe fitting

November 20, 2008

This has been skittering around the floor of our back hallway for a while, a relic of the unpleasant shower-valve failure incident. Copper is the lushest metal color, more wonderful than gold.

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#a277 :: Tin bell

November 17, 2008

just about rice-sized spotted by the trash can one day crushed, it will not sound

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#a274 :: Electronic shriek box

November 14, 2008

A simple soundboard, wired to a switch and a speaker. I disemboweled it from (?) an 8×11 promo folder for “Scream 2008” that landed in my wife’s office. When you opened the cover of the folder, a horrific shriek would ensue: “AUUUGHHHAAAAAAAGOODDDDNOOOOO!!!” Soon, I’ll be attaching it to Screaming Tiki so that he can get […]

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#a263 :: Battery package

November 3, 2008

A barely recyclable skin, shucked from the future corpses of non-recyclable devices that are designed to power other devices that would otherwise be helpless without them. Could we do without these husks? Could we bind batteries together with rubber bands or zipties or something less insulting to the environment? Could we design solar chargers for […]

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#a261 :: Candy wrappers – War of the Worlds on Twitter

November 1, 2008

I’m winding down from a raucous, madhouse Halloween night. It was also my son’s birthday. It’s been deadline time for a pretty ambitious project at work. It’s the day a friend got married in the space of 10 minutes at lunchtime at the top of a mountain (up the wrong side of which I hiked […]

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#a258 :: Dessicated green bean

October 29, 2008

Don’t ask me how it got from the freezer to the cupboard, but my son brought me this earlier today. I’m trying to picture it as an oblong green asteroid, and failing. You?

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#a257 :: Ruined chain links

October 28, 2008

Popped my chain before dawn this morning as I hoisted my bulk up on the pegs today and hammered up this steep little hill. This is what was left after the repair – the first two attempts at which failed because I had threaded the chain incorrectly. Both times. Furthermore, the XBox 360 flung the […]

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#a256 :: Pill capsule on chain

October 27, 2008

My son seems to have my eye for HLOs. He spotted this anodized aluminum pill container in among the bottle openers at some sporting goods store or Quikie Mart, and quickly reminded us of his lost allowance so he could buy it. A few days later he attached some discarded pot-metal chain to it and […]

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#a254 :: Bird of Paradise blossom

October 25, 2008

Scrabbling up the wall to festoon the entryway with cotton-silk spider-webbing, he grabbed hold of a fistful of rubbery plants in the wall-planter on the ledge above him. He gained his footing above, but a chunk of colorful bloom snapped loose. He turned it over on his palm …

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#a253 :: Desk cleaning time

October 24, 2008

You own a lot of shit. You accumulate more of it every day. Sometimes, you have to pick through it to get your desk clean. And you make little piles. That might or might not be photographs of your life told in debris. And yet, you never seem to get rid of the things as […]

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#a243 :: Seed pod

October 14, 2008

Hollow, papery pods fall by the thousands from the trees lining Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles. Barely weighing an ounce, they float down on the wind, carrying precious seeds to the cement-lined gutter, to be gathered roughly by street-sweeper brushes or washed down the storm drains and out to sea. Millions of years of evolution […]

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