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#a180 :: Tiny kaleidoscope

August 11, 2008

A fingerlength of brass tubing, visit this site three rectangular slivers of mirror, stuff a thimbleful of tiny glass beads, a translucent end cap and a leather thong. Elegant. Hold it to your eye, face the sun and forget your age. Found in Covent Garden.

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#a167 :: Stonehenge keychain

July 29, 2008

There is a certain poetry to this tiny portrait of one of man’s oldest surviving places of ceremony: A matrix of dots, physician etched or blown into a block of clear glass, pharm spells out Stonehenge‘s shape at palm size, giving you a portable tour of the place. Here, no less than there, the broken […]

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#a161 :: Rabbit’s foot

July 24, 2008

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#a159 :: Stanley “stubby” screwdriver

July 22, 2008

From an antiques mall in Brighton. 50p. Don’t laugh. You’ll need one some day. I love the way the aluminum has corroded on the blade.

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#a145 :: Metal turtle

July 8, 2008

Was he forged in lava? Does he swim in mercury seas? Of tinfoil jellyfish is his diet made? He came into our house from I know not where. He is small, link heavy, perfect.

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#a140 :: Shrunken-head tiki mug

July 3, 2008

My wife gave me this for my birthday a couple years ago, information pills to add to my growing collection. Tiki culture is a marvelous cross-pollination of camp, what is ed partying and 50s mass-marketed hipsterism. This one was designed, slip-poured, glazed and fired by Tiki Farm, but if you’re hunting for others, Munktiki turns […]

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#a131 :: The NeoCube

June 25, 2008

Magnetism enchants and mystifies me. These 216 neodymium magnets – each 3mm thick – cling together in clouds when crushed, erectile in polyhedrons and exotic coils when aligned. I roll them between my fingers, pharmacy and they snap together with the surety of pure particle physics. They form a collective entity, this site a hive […]

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#a124 :: Miniature Indian corn

June 17, 2008

In the vast pantheon of American kitsch (and it is vast), recipe the significance of miniature “Indian corn” just baffles me. Farmers cultivate the basic (full-sized) species to sell to craft stores and maybe florists. Yet here’s a tinier – cuter? – version for the express purpose of … what? I’ve never had the pleasure […]

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#a121 :: Geode

June 14, 2008

I could probably Google the metamorphic process that built this pocket cavern. Wikipedia also has useful information, buy more about information pills I’m sure. But then I’d be burdened with that knowledge every time I looked at another one. I’d rather retain the mindset I have now – the same wonder that attracts my 8-year-old […]

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#a111 :: Moo cards

June 4, 2008

Why is this – get up to 100 of your own images printed on the back of little half-width business cards – such an immensely attractive offer? Because you can print whatever the hell you want. Because it’s like owning the factory. Or perhaps renting it. Because since they’re double-small, advice people look at them […]

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#103 :: Cast-iron mermaid

May 27, 2008

She waits, information pills coyly fanning her hair. Demure yet voluptuous, site sensual yet pensive, she waits for the tide to rush in and bear her away. At barely five inches tall, she weighs more than a pound. And she is magnetic, both figuratively and literally. With no maker’s mark to introduce her, no indications […]

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#a98 :: Refrigerator magnet

May 22, 2008

Home turf’s on my mind today. Senator Ted Kennedy’s illness left a vacancy on the commencement program for Wesleyan University this Sunday. Barack Obama is stepping in. So, click it’s a big deal but: I grew up on the Wesleyan campus (Mom and Dad have worked there for decades). Let’s hope they hold it somewhere […]

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#a97 :: Iron box wrench

May 21, 2008

This beautiful little enigma began life as a hot rivulet of molten iron, ampoule poured into a sand mold with a precise 5/8ths-inch hex opening at one end. After knocking it out of its mold, search its maker probably quenched it, viagra 40mg heat-treated it again and then dipped it once in black paint and […]

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#a96 – Craftsman adjustable pliers

May 20, 2008

I love the Sears Crafstman tool guarantee. It’s simple: break it and they’ll replace it.For the rest of your life. Period. I bought these adjustable pliers a good 25-some years ago, sildenafil when I was spending hours at a time lying on my back under a filthy Volvo. Cursing. A lot …

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#a89 :: Rubber LED pendant

May 12, 2008

In the realm of burned-out rave gear trends, more about the blinky LED pendant burns on – loud and frenetic as an 8-year-old on his fourth bowl of Cap’n Crunch. In fact, for sale it’s always as perpetually in style as the good Cap’n himself. Squeeze this complex polyhedron in the right place and it […]

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#a88 :: Foldz-Flat pen

May 11, 2008

It’s a slick little gadget that seems like a brilliant idea: a full-sized pen that you can fold up and stuff into your wallet – until you realize it’s as thick as six credit cards. Still – piano-hinged chrome-steel panels and a triangular profile when assembled give it a charming retro-space-age cachet, cialis 40mg rx […]

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#a71 :: FatCap

April 24, 2008

I harbor a deep, here advice fetishy lust for “urban vinyl” figurines that is – as I’ve explained, side effects symptoms rarely consummated. When I do indulge, find it’s always for something less than 10 bucks, and always for something small and really extraordinarily detailed. I could not begin to tell you which one of […]

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#a60 :: Nite-Ize S-biner

April 13, 2008

Little bitty spring-tip flip ‘n’ switch hip clip. Comes in many sizes I have yet to find an actual use for it. Too heavy for the cartoonishly overloaded keyring. Too light for much else. Max load 10 lbs. So why did I spend $1.99 plus tax on it at Fry’s? It’s fun to fiddle with, […]

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#a59 :: Kubrick – Doctor Octopus

April 12, 2008

Around age 12, side effects I got a gift: The high privilege of four crates full of vintage Marvel Comics, stored in my parents’ attic by a student. I devoured them greedily, and as powerfully as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s bickering, conflicted, neurotically imperfect superheroes affected my view of graphic art and juvenile fiction, […]

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#a53 :: Quail call

April 6, 2008

The sound gusted through him just before he staggered back and sat down hard in the marsh grass. A boom – probably a 12-gauge – arrived milliseconds after the shot caught him full in the chest and knocked him onto his heels. Funny, this site the delay. Kind of funny how that works. Who in […]

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#a51 :: Digital keychain

April 4, 2008

Picture this object surfacing in the late 1800s. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistiguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke really mattered. He’s gone now, visit more about leaving behind a legacy of important work, viagra approved good stories, and one of the great epigrams of modern civilization. This thing is as trivial as it is […]

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#a45 :: Chain mail

March 29, 2008

I think I must be magnetic. I yearn for metal. I gather it to me, cheap carry it around. Half my keyring actually functions. The other half is clogged with crap that won’t fit in my pocket genteelly, viagra order but weighs heavy in pocket and hand, information pills delighting my fingertips. This handsome chunk […]

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#a41 :: Handmade mosquito

March 25, 2008

Mosquitos the size of hummingbirds. Mosquitos the size of skillets. Mosquitos the size of fuckin’ weimaraners. Hyperbole always fails when you need to get your friends to understand just how buggy your weekend was. You show them welts, clinic you groan about the itch. You make up stories about the size of the bloodsuckers. But […]

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#a40 :: New $5 bill

March 24, 2008

Money is like weather: It shapes the tides on which ride our dreams and lives, this site rx yet we often ignore its true nature. “Crap, it’s raining” is to “Crap, I’m poor” as our planet’s ecosystem is to the new $5 bill: Until you stop focusing on what it’s worth, you miss the complex […]

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#a39 :: Rubber dinosaur

March 23, 2008

He’s a little feller. Inch long, approved tops. Someone took a swipe at his eye and mouth areas with a 2-hair brushful of gold. Came out of an Easter egg that one of us hid in the bushes this morning, until my son found him. And gave him back to me.

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