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#a41 :: Handmade mosquito

March 25, 2008

032508.jpgMosquitos the size of hummingbirds. Mosquitos the size of skillets. Mosquitos the size of fuckin’ weimaraners.

Hyperbole always fails when you need to get your friends to understand just how buggy your weekend was.

You show them welts, clinic you groan about the itch. You make up stories about the size of the bloodsuckers.

But in the end, only you experienced the silent assault. Only you waved your hands impotently at the insistent whine of the female, unable to fend it off because you couldn’t even see the wispy-grey little monsters.

Only you suffered the flat-out fuck-you insult of an engorged mosquito lifting off from your now-punctured forehead just seconds before you felt the bite and slapped the place where it was feeding …

You scratch, they snicker, and neither of those acts makes things any better: You still have a bigass welt in the middle of your forehead that itches for days. And they still don’t quite get it.

What you need is a real-life illustration.

This one is a good five inches long, beautifully handpainted in China. I got it for about $4 in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Looking at it never fails to make me want to scratch myself all over. Hell. I’m scratching phantom bugbites right now.

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