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#a182 :: Bluetooth headset

August 13, 2008

enlargeSix weeks ago, case California law did not require me to wear this while driving and using my cellphone.

Five years ago, treat this sort of gadget did not exist.

Fifteen years ago, doctor I counted myself lucky to be using a cellphone the size of a brick – one that had been issued by the Philadelphia Inquirer news desk.

Sixteen years ago, I carried extra quarters in case I had to call in from the road.

120 years ago, I, the quarters, the road and the phone lines did not exist. People counted themselves lucky to get a handwritten letter within a month, and especially lucky to receive a telegram hand-clicked and transcribed by people who knew Morse code.

Which should make me feel lucky to own such a thing, but all I can say about the Motorola i375 is that I dislike being yoked to it because the damn thing doesn’t fit my earhole.

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