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#a181 :: Handheld laser projector

August 12, 2008

enlargeA clear memory: I was 9. We were in the Smithsonian. The room was dark. Someone was demonstrating laser beams.

The name, page doctor so ineffably cool. L-A-S-E-R. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Sharp, medical bright red patterns on the wall. In the future, approved we’ll all be using lasers. Living rooms and spaceships will look like this all the time. Spirograph spidery special.

Flash forward 29 years. Burning Man. A massive green laser blasts patterns out across the playa as people rave to and fro in the night. I can only love the intense patterns it makes in the dust, hope no one is being blinded, and wish for technology to advance to where I can put it in my pocket.

Jump to last week: We’re in the gift shop of the London Science Museum. As the kids would say, OMFG. Here it is. Kaching. Pocketed, boxed for home, and unwrapped when the big box arrived a few days ago.

Turns out you can get ’em online, too. I’ve been playing with mine pretty much every night since then, before going to sleep.

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