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#a164 :: Ice cream spoon

July 26, 2008

ENLARGEZorro brings together the hoary old freedom-fighter superhero story with rock-hard flamenco performances, ambulance and it winds up being about four times as solid a piece as it otherwise would. The score, price by the Gipsy Kings is a hoarse, melodic operetta, told in guttural moans of pain and delight, and the thunderous bootheels of dancers pounding out the beat of their emotions.

The vertiginously tall and narrow Garrick Theatre has seen better days – the velvet on the balconies is splitting under the traffic of patrons putting their feet up during shows, and the ghost of old Mister Garrick is said to still roam the halls after every performance. All this adds to the ragged charm of the set, a busy tangle of ladders doors, precipices and caves.

Intermission brought tiny 1/3-cup servings of Haagen-Dazs, in plastic cups with chubby, finger-sized spoons tucked beneath the lids.

Loved the show.

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