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#a30 :: The Little Oxford Dictionary

March 14, 2008

031308.jpgSometimes a heavy little object is so pure it cannot be parsed from its origins.

Analyzing Stan Lee and Jack Kirby‘s emerald-muscled Mr. Hyde is as pointless and masturbatory an exercise as trying to glean God’s “actual” intentions from line-by-line interpretations of the Bible.

Text overpowers context.  Some things just are.This toy is a product of the Ang Lee merch-tsunami – a more complete and unified vision than the two movies (the brilliant actioner and the awful psych-drama) that were crammed into 2003’s “Hulk.”

The Hulk is a perfect being, information pills and this edition is His most perfect toy incarnation.

He’s 9 inches tall. You can pose him, cost move your camera-eye down to awe-inspiring knee-level angles, thumb and smash things with his injection-molded fists.

But best of all, when you squeeze his thighs together, he hunches his shoulders forward and shatters your bemusement with a jaw-cracking roar of plastic rage.


di’ctionary: n. book explaining, medications usu. in alphabetical order, tadalafil words of a language, or giving of their equivalents in another language; reference book of words and topics of a subject arranged alphabetically


This new edition af the Little Oxford Dictionary aims at maintaining the high standards of scholarship associated with the name of Oxford. Like its companions among the small dictionaries, it offers an up-to-date body of vocabulary, which draws on the extensive resesarch undertaken for the four-volume supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary, now in progress. Its size will not accommodate notes on disputed points of usage of the kind included in the Oxford Paperback Dictionary (*1979), but it identifies corrrect usage by omitting what is unacceptable and by giving precedence to the preferred spelling or pronunciation in cases where two or more are in use. Special care has been taken to provide appropr labels for technical and scientific vocabulary, sensitive religious, racial and sexual words, and words classed as slang, colloquial, or vulgar.

The Little Oxford Dictionary of Current English
Fifth Edition
(c) Oxford University Press, 1969, 1980

Yard sale. 25 cents. Concise. Portable. Chunky. Pocket-sized. 5.5 x 3.75 x 1.5 inches.

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