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#a29 :: Incredible Hulk action figure

March 13, 2008

031308.jpgSometimes a heavy little object is so pure it cannot be parsed from its origins.

Analyzing Stan Lee and Jack Kirby‘s emerald-muscled Mr. Hyde is as pointless and masturbatory an exercise as trying to glean God’s “actual” intentions from line-by-line interpretations of the Bible.

Text overpowers context.  Some things just are.This toy is a product of the Ang Lee merch-tsunami – a more complete and unified vision than the two movies (the brilliant actioner and the awful psych-drama) that were crammed into 2003’s “Hulk.”

The Hulk is a perfect being, information pills and this edition is His most perfect toy incarnation.

He’s 9 inches tall. You can pose him, cost move your camera-eye down to awe-inspiring knee-level angles, thumb and smash things with his injection-molded fists.

But best of all, when you squeeze his thighs together, he hunches his shoulders forward and shatters your bemusement with a jaw-cracking roar of plastic rage.


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