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#a373 :: Snowshoe hare

February 23, 2009

022209I think we forget how to see. We’re so absorbed with processing most of the time that we fail to register the weight of anything in front of us.

“Oh, information pills shop there’s a car.” Not, site “if I could have an exploded-view version of that floating around, I’d really have something.”

This was a Christmas gift at some point in the past 10 years. Hand-inlaid wood wraps a triangular tube of mirrors with a glass marble (or more likely, half-marble) at the end.

It reminds you that you are seeing.
022309Two thumbsplats for eyes, viagra slick back his ears, give him an immense tail, and now he’s some sort of steroidal racing bunny-ghost.

My daughter’s latest class project calls for a creature endowed with camouflage. She made this – and several others like it – out of Super Sculpey. It’s so pure, I can almost envision having a tattoo made from it. Almost.

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