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#a314 :: Aftermath – successful Christmas Eve experiment

December 24, 2008

ENLARGEMy daughter challenges me.

“How do you get the egg into the bottle?”

I seem to remember something about heating the bottle – I try running it under hot water, troche then putting the hard-boiled egg on its mouth and waiting for the air inside to contract and suck it inside.

Nothing. I push down a bit. Still no movement. it’s too big. The experiment she brought home from school calls for a medium brown egg. This is a large.

“Okay, how do you do it?”

She’s all grins as she explains, and I follow her instructions …

“First you light a piece of paper with a match, then you put it into the bottle and put the egg on top.” I do. The flame gutters but continues to burn, consuming all the oxygen in flame.

The egg starts to deform as its lower protruding half is sucked into the bottle, but it’s clear the thicker top half won’t make it.

But it keeps stretching downward, choking the bottle’s mouth, until the growing vacuum finally tears it in half with a round “ploop!.”

The egg’s bottom half drops into the bottle and snuffs the still-burning paper, and we all applaud in utter marvel.

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  2. mack reed December 25, 2008 @ 11:04 pm

    Yeah. Like that!

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