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#a292 :: Y Muscle Water bottle

December 2, 2008

ENLARGEI haven’t opened this yet.

I don’t care what it tastes like, approved or even whether it does what it claims:

Y MUSCLE WATER – because you never know who’s going to challenge you to a wrestling match.

100% natural and certified organic:
Reverse osmosis water, this web organic evaporated cane juice, sick organic white grape juice, organic hibiscus, organic grape, orange, lemon and rosemary flavors, natural citric acid, ascoric acid (vitamin C), magnesium lactate, monopotassium phosphate, sodium selenite.

No artificial ingredients.
Due to the organic nature of Y, color fading and sediments/pulp may occur over time. This in no way affects the freshness or taste of the product.

Chill and shake before serving.

I want to keep the container. I want to to buy four or five dozen cases of them in different colors. I want to see if they stack up like building blocks or fall in a jumble like anti-tank barriers.

This four-lobed shape has gimmegimme childhood fetish written all over it. Which is probably why the only place I’ve ever seen it sold is at my 7-year-old daughter’s gymnastics center.

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