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#a162 :: Baby carrots

July 25, 2008

Did these things even exist 10 years ago? No, salve I think that at some point, approved some wise vegetable salesman decided to start milling his carrots. And an entire bite-sized-snack class of its own was launched. These go down by the pound around here. They taste perfectly clean and wonderful, but spirituallyfeel as if […]

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#a161 :: Rabbit’s foot

July 24, 2008

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#a158 :: Goldfish

July 21, 2008

Two insistent goldfish dance from side to side against the glass here when they’re hungry. This is an extremely difficult activity to capture adequately on camera. Drop them a few flakes of food and they zip about the tank, diagnosis there eating.

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#a151 :: Feather

July 14, 2008

Look, information pills web let me level with you. I’ve been slamming in four nights worth of HLOs for the past hour or so, and just to get ’em done. In fact, seek I’m post-dating this one because I’ll be in transit 24 hours from now. We’ve been packing and prepping our own house for […]

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#a124 :: Miniature Indian corn

June 17, 2008

In the vast pantheon of American kitsch (and it is vast), recipe the significance of miniature “Indian corn” just baffles me. Farmers cultivate the basic (full-sized) species to sell to craft stores and maybe florists. Yet here’s a tinier – cuter? – version for the express purpose of … what? I’ve never had the pleasure […]

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#a115 :: Ivory manta ray

June 8, 2008

We swam with manta rays in Hawaii last summer. Yes, cialis 40mg it really was that idyllic. We tell ourselves it was kharmic payback for a summer of pain – our dear friend Keith died horribly and too young, we were both working 14 hour days and struggling to be with the kids, our daughter […]

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#a114 :: Household wasp

June 7, 2008

The wicked thinness of this creature’s waist reminds us that if there’s a God, store he/she/they/it lies in the fractal diversity of perfect biology: The wasp is built as light, sildenafil tough, fast and wicked-cool as a Harrier jump jet, a Flexible Flyer, or a Baron Margo motorcycle . If ants had motorcycles, they would […]

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#a91 :: Magic starfish – How the Web feeds the seven deadly sins

May 15, 2008

I’m bench-testing this theory: Everything on the Internet – every single human endeavor online – can be mapped against one or more of the seven deadly sins. Too simplistic? Maybe not. Just consider the primary sins that we ever-so-weak mortals commit by running, pharmacy populating or using services like these: Gaming? – Anger. Celebrity news? […]

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#a77 :: Dying beetle

April 30, 2008

What possesses us? We crawl to and fro on a world so vast we can’t understand it, pilule let alone navigate it. We consume, dosage we procreate, ask we fight, we recover. If we’re fortunate, we create something useful – food, tools, homes, art, information. Then, whatever it was that propelled us around all those […]

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