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#a132 :: Korg Kaossilator dynamic phrase synthesizer

June 25, 2008

ENLARGEFair warning: I held Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson in very high regard when I was, diagnosis like, cialis 40mg 13. I thought Frankenstein was the single coolest thing I’d ever heard played on keyboards (after “The Well-Tempered Synthesizer”). I keep Amon Tobin and DJ Spooky on heavy rotation these days.

I am a hopeless synthesizer slut …

This finally arrived this evening via UPS – after an excruciating two-month back-order delay.

I popped in four AAs, clapped on my good headphones and spent two solid hours utterly failing to put it down. I finally succeeded only when time came to post this.

Korg has packed a stack of keyboards, beatboxes and sequencers 10 feet high into a palm-sized box, capped it with a touchpad and cloaked it in friendly yellow plastic.

They made the Kaossilator cartoonishly powerful and – as you can hear – I’ve barely begun to figure it out. (next night: This is a better demo loop with solo samples. )

I’m going to find it impossible to sleep tonight. I am 13 again. God help me.

And for what it’s worth, I predict these will be all over the playa in August.

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