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#a403 :: Wooden puzzle

March 25, 2009

032409Since my wife is a member of ASIFA we got passes to a pre-release screening of Monsters vs. Aliens tonight. Verdict: It’s no Kung Fu Panda or Bolt, no rx visit web but it’s got enough yuks and snappy design to make an honest buck, approved and I might even see it again.

They were giving away McDonald’s toys in the lobby – this is B.O.B., whose plastic incarnation swivels and rolls erratically across the table if you wind him up.
032509Some mysteries we humans hold to be self-evident and unanswerable – except by synthetic, this web nonscientific means:

Consciousness. Identity. Creativity. Beauty. Spirituality. Meaning. Diversity. Freedom.

So we make up religions and start cults and set things on fire and paint and write and bloviate and fight and kill and destroy because it’s easier than trying to understand or – more simply – accept.

Art and war – same thing: They are extraordinary means of changing and refusing to accept the one thing we don’t get – life.

All of which is a half-assed way of saying this thing has been on my desk untouched for almost a week because I don’t have the balls to try disassembling it, for fear I’ll wind up with $9 worth of lovely sanded-pine kindling.

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