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#a360 :: Temperance-era novelty bar tool

February 9, 2009

020909This conflicted fellow was cast in pot-metal and chromed in cheap silver probably more than 100 years ago.

His top-hat is a jigger, decease ed his feet end in a spoon, order information pills the better to mix you a nice drink and present you with a little moral dilemma in the bargain:

Do you spoon something into your drink, facing the two-headed man’s disapproving snarl and wagging finger of reproach on the front side?

Or do you prefer to see the back, where heedless souse’s happy guffaw uncorks your beer and his little cocktail glass foameth over?

I’m really grateful for this loan from the amazing collection of Dad.

Update – Apparently this comes from the early 20-th century temperance era – see Dad’s comment quoted below. More about Carrie Nation here.

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  1. Kit Reed February 19, 2009 @ 8:38 am

    actually, it belonged to yr Craig grandparents, part of the cocktail culture that included the siphon and cloth drinks mats with roosters embroidered on them.

  2. mack reed February 19, 2009 @ 8:53 am

    Dad just emailed to say this: “temperance spoon features caricature popular of straitlaced chap identified w. Carry Nation; spoon peculiar. I think less than a century old, but I could be wrong, temperance spreads out)”

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