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#a217 :: “Leight Sleepers” brand earplugs

September 18, 2008

ENLARGEI’ve worn a lot of earplugs.

I’m a light sleeper, viagra sale unhealthy I have kids and I camp on the playa, remedy thumb which readies you for pretty much any cacophonous grab-bag of a soundscape the world can dish out – while making it impossible to cobble together 3 decent minutes of sleep for the noise of hooting, bumping and explosions.

I’ve worn full cranials to protect my delicate, shell-like ears from jets screaming skyward atop lit afterburners at Southern California Airshows. They were solid.

I’ve worn Class 4 ribbed earplugs that were given out at the brain-fuckingly loud Survival Research Labs show in L.A. a couple years back.

But sometimes you need nothing more than a cheapass thimbleful of foam to keep everyone else out of your night.

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  1. Phill February 20, 2009 @ 5:59 pm

    Those full cranials are pretty awesome. I wear something like that at work (repurposed David Clark Company ground-crew headset) with Koss in-ear plugs going to my mp3 player. It’s great because I can keep the volume really low.

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