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#a205 :: Jerry-rigged Bluetooth earhook

September 6, 2008

ENLARGEFor the second time in as many months, mind the earhook on my Bluetooth headset snapped off.

You can’t buy replacements for these things online. I know, I’ve tried

A cheap little plastic part fails, leaving you the choice of fixing it (virtually impossible to glue) versus spending $50 to buy another gadget. And you still haven’t really solved the problem, which is that you’re doomed to keep leaking money $50 at a time as long as you need an earpiece and keep putting them in your pockets after use, as any normal person would.

Fuck. That.

One coat hanger, two pairs of pliers, forty-odd choice curses and half an hour later, and your ghetto earhook is clamped into place, and it fits perfectly.

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