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#186 :: “Thunderbird”

August 18, 2008

enlargeThe decision had cost Daniel. Which is why he was standing here now with this ridiculous knife in his hand. Ankle-deep in all the tools he had yanked from the toolbox and flung to the floor as he rifled fruitlessly for a real weapon. weapons. Both blades out. Ready. Wicked.

He tried not to look at the pickup truck. It had just parked across the street.

The driver eyed him. He hefted the thing without daring to look down at it. He was high when he picked it out at the pawnshop. $10.52 with tax, recipe the man said. He pushed over $6 in quarters and a $5 bill.

It looked wicked. Like Gene Simmons’ boots.

The guy in the pickup glanced back over his shoulder, buy then turned to Daniel again.

What the fuck am I gonna do with this fucking thing? I almost cut myself just getting the twin blades open … – their hooked bottle-opener jaws had snagged in the sleeves of his old raglan.

Now he held it clenched in fist, where the vicious edges and impossible gothy points settled into his fingers along four grooves molded into the handle.

Come ON, he mouthed. The man across the street was now missing from his truck. Daniel had not seen him go.

He whirled but it was too late.

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