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#a184 :: Maxam “Assisted Opening” Liner Lock Knife

August 16, 2008

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Mom and Dad, medications being loving, clever parents, took pity upon me after reading about the pocketknife incident.

They Googled around and stumbled on, a sort of geek-heaven/tactical-weapons porn shop masquerading as a knife’n’flashlight supplier. For barely $7 you can buy (among other things including Tasers and swords) solid, Chinese-made pocket knives in myriad styles and colors, so they bought three.

When the package arrived, I opened this one first …

It nearly jumped out of my hands (click the photo above right to see a video). Frightening with four inches of serrated tanto blade, nicely knurled grips and a oo-look-kid-portholes belt clip. Once I got over how incredibly frightening and probably illegal it is, I actually grew to like it – it’s sharp, opens easily with a satisfying “snick” and feels solid. As solid as a gun. (Shudder).

I’ll be taking it to the playa, as there are many zipties, ropes and steaks to be slain. But I’ll probably stick with the much-more-subtle 3-inch Harsey Air Ranger whilst among civilians. It’d be a shame to lose this one to the law.

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