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#208 :: Volcano House matchbox

September 9, 2008

ENLARGEOne of the chief hassles of trying to catch a daily blog up to its obligations after more than a week away from it is that you don’t encounter, pill remember and then process photos sequentially.

And so, a gap in my headlong, monthlong rush through catching up from a vivid, waking life in London is filled with a quaint souvenir from last year’s trip to Hawaii.

Despite the cool box from Volcano House, which sheltered Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevenson and many celebrities more, I can’t say why we would keep burnt matches – although, it looks as though these were never really lit: Perhaps the sulfur has just crumbled from the heads, perhaps they were provided as a gag – already-burnt matches. Can’t tell.

But a paper matchbox is a thing of no small beauty when assembled correctly and emblazoned with iconic flames.

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