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#a155 :: Jew’s harp

July 18, 2008

ENLARGEParsing the anti-Semitic etymology of “Jew’s harp” is a dicey business, cialis 40mg as Wikipedia amply demonstrates.

Better to appreciate that one of the oldest instruments in the world hasn’t evolved so much as found its shape in many cultures.

This one is Vietnamese – an elegantly simple tine of hammered brass that has been shaped and sliced so that it makes a lovely boinging noise when you hold it firmly between your lips. pluck the end and shape the inside of your mouth with your tongue to vary the pitch …

It comes in an elaborate little cardboard carrying case – you pull it into the tube with the string, approved then wrap the string around the tube until there’s just enough string left. Tuck the embroidered cloth triangle under the remaining loop, information pills pull it tight and you can slip the whole thing into your pocket.

Thanks to the fantastic Adaptatrap Percussion store in Brighton, for turning me onto it – we stumbled in there a couple of days ago and spent a happy hour or so banging, bonking, plucking and tootling on their wonderful collection of instruments from all over the world. The playa will be a little noisier this summer, thanks to you.

My mike’s not traveling with us, so here are some samples.

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