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#a128 :: Japanese bug collectible

June 21, 2008

ENLARGEThis life-sized stag-beetle toy came pre-fetishized from Mitsuwa Marketplace, seek our favorite Japanese supermarket.

The Japanese culture of packaging dictated that F-Toys Confect. manufacture the 3-inch-long, hand-colored, pre-assembled dorcus titanicus castanicolor from 12 hand-assembled parts, encase it in a two-piece, blowmolded thermoplastic container sarcophagus, box it in cardboard emblazoned with myriad messages via multiple fonts printed in high-gloss, laquered four-color inks, and accompany it with a thick-gauge collector’s card.

And a square of chewing gum in a cellophane wrapper with pinked edges.

What the hell, it’s a plastic bug.

Well, here’s what the hell else: They also do plastic guns, motorized tanks and miniature motorcycles.

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